Thursday, October 15, 2009

Asher - Harmonious Thought review (5/12/09)


Asher is one of the many bands that have recently joined Bombworks Records family. Bombworks has shown recently that their family branches into all different forms of metal, which is a great thing to see. And though Asher is now a deceased project, the CD will be re-issued on Bombworks sometime later this year. Many of the members went on to form Monolith, another great band that Bombworks recently picked up. Monolith has some fantastic orchestral parts, great guitars, and I highly suggest you check them out.

Musically Asher is a blend of heavy and melodic metal. Incorporating some nice keyboard work, great, catchy guitar riffs, and very popish vocals. The popish vocals may turn a lot of metalheads off, but on my first listen, I was quite honestly hooked. Overall, the music is catchy, and has a great message to it. There are also some awesome female growls scattered through out this CD.

If you are a fan of Paramore, or Flyleaf, then this is for you, if you are a metalhead, but open to more things, then surely check this out. Its a fun one to listen to, and both of the girls in the band are very pretty!

Favorite songs: This Burden, Love's So Wrong, Exhortation, Omega, and Enslaved

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  1. Well said, thanks for representing these guys! Awesome stuff, totally underrated band.