Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nightsbane - The Siege review (5/12/09)


Nightsbane was a project that was overlooked by most of the scene, although this should not have been the case. The CD titled "The Siege" is a great first effort from the band, and should have had a little more publicity The project is now continued on under the moniker of "Gupster", though we have yet to hear music under this name.

Guitar-wise, this release has some pretty great stuff, very progressive, the drums are not very complex, sometimes boring, but they could be worse. The vocals are black metal styled, and fit quite well, although they could use a little bit of work. I think with a little more practice, and better production, this could be a fantastic project. All in all, there are 5 tracks, 33 minutes, of awesome music. This really was a gem that should not have been overlooked. Hopefully the future will bring justice to Guptster.

If you want a copy of "The Siege" try and get ahold of them on the Nightsbane myspace page.

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