Thursday, October 15, 2009

Torment Ridden - EP review (4/4/09)

Torment Ridden is a band I had the pleasure of getting to know this summer at Saving Song fest. They are a great bunch of guys and I have stayed in contact with a few of them. Over the fest, I had a chance to get my hands on their EP as well as a few other bands demos/EPs. Out of all the bands there, the only two that stuck out to me were Torment Ridden and To Laodicea.

This EP is a pretty cool small release. The vocals stood out a lot to me when I first heard it, they are not your typical metalcore vocals, which is good, in my opinion. I must say though, the clean vocals didn't do anything for me, I think they could use some work. Guitar-wise there are some pretty good ideas, although there are some transitions that I am not to fond of, and some times when the guitar goes slower where it could have been done better. The drums arent too shabby either, although the double bass sound could use some help.

All in all, I think these guys have a good amount of potential too them. They have made a lot of lineup swaps, and I want to see how things will turn out with new music. For this release, I really like how the song "Barbed Wire Think Tank" starts out. With some better production/recording in the future, it will be a whole lot better. If you are a fan of metalcore I suggest you check this out.

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