Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cosÿns - EP review (8/8/09)


Cosÿns is quite an interesting project, I must say. For any of you who are familiar with Derek Cosÿns other work, he has been a part of various projects, the two most notable being Aletheian and Bloodline Severed. The one thing that makes this project stand out from all the others of his, as well as most other projects in general is the concept behind it. Here is what the myspace says:

"In this project, I had a funny idea of a way to put lyrics into instrumental music.

Someone asked me, "How on earth can you put words with music that has no singing?"

The answer is simple: MORSE CODE

For those of you unfamiliar with Morse code, it is a rhythmic series of dashes and dots that translate into letters and numbers, forming words, sentences, etc. (SOS=..._ _ _ ...). The result of some of the morse code translated into music form played a certain style can be reminiscent of bands like Meshuggah or Rush's "YYZ.""

Sounds interesting, yes? I must say, the work on this EP is absolutely fantastic. Although the drums are programmed, the guitar work is phenomenal. If you are a fan of any large secular guitarists, then this has something great in store for you. Each song delivers something new, containing very well thought out riffs, beautiful solos, and some fantastic bass lines.

Honestly, I do not think I can fully stress to you how well the guitar work on this EP is. Most of the time, instrumental music can get a little bit repetitive, in my honest opinion, but this does no such thing. I urge all guitarists to go buy this, and learn from it! As said earlier as well, my only complaint is the drums, because they are programmed, they can be a little bit annoying I guess, although he does do them well.

Also! Be sure to check out Derek's other project Whisper From Heaven, a fantastic doom-ish metal project with female vocals done by his wife! My personal favorite out of all his projects.

Reviewed by Alex

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