Thursday, October 15, 2009

Excurses - Devils Footrpints review (5/12/09)


Excurses has been a hidden gem in the Christian scene for quite some time. Although they only delivered one EP, it is quite possibly one of the best efforts for an EP I have heard. This EP is an onslaught of awesome guitars, great drums, and vocals that are very unique, and extremely haunting. The band seems to have called it quits, and therefore this release has become extremely hard to find.

The first song, which is the title track, is very catchy and one of my favorites on the release. There was a video made for this track as well, which is pretty neat. All of the tracks on this release caught my attention but the other one that stuck out the most to me was Aurora, showing off exceptional musical skills. Musically, just everything about this release grabs me, it is top notch. Its a shame there will be no more.

I highly suggest that if you ever have an opportunity to get this, that you jump on it, it is well worth the money you will pay, and is a nice gem in Christian metal history. If not, then they do have a myspace page, although it is dormant, that you can hear most of the songs at.

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