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Dark Procession/Flaskavsae Requiem IV Review 4/29/2008

Requiem IV is the first release from EEE Recordings that I have ever owned. Many of you who are into the more raw side of black metal probably know them, seeing as they put out a great deal of raw Christian black metal. This release is a split between Dark Procession and Flaskavsae comes in a DVD case, and for being such a small label the packaging is done pretty well, in my opinion.

The first four tracks are from Dark Procession, a pretty raw black metal act, containing two members. Whats different about DP, is the have a lot of acoustic mixed in with black metal. I am not sure how people have mainly reacted to this, it seems like it could be a good or bad idea, but I think overall they have done a pretty decent job doing it.

The first song is called the Dark Foreshadow. It clocks in at a little over 12 minutes, and as stated before, starts out with the acoustic guitar. It has its fast and slow parts, and is pretty well done. The vocals although could use some help. The second song is called Bereavement, it starts out slow as well, and also clocks in at over 10 minutes. Around 1:30 there are some clean speaking vocals, with some guitar and keys in the background and I really like how it is put together. Next we have The Mourning, this one doesn't hesitate at all but starts out with fierce vocals. Around 2:20 the onslaught slows down a bit, to have a guitar piece, and then some harsh spoken vocals.

Next on the release is Flaskavsae, I think they are a little more well known, and they contribute 5 tracks to this release. They mix ambient and raw black metal, the vocals in Flaskavsae, as many have said. Are some of the most unique that some have heard in black metal.

The first song is called the Initial Shock of Mortality and is just under 5 minutes. It seems very clamped together, but at the same time kind of has a distinct dark sound to it. Anger Towards Thy Beloved is the second Flaskavsae song, it starts out on the slower side. Although it still has the very eerie feel to it, with some even more grim vocals to it. Although they are indecipherable they are very well done for their style.

I will not go over all of the tracks on this release, this is just to give you some insight on it, if you are a fan of raw black metal I would encourage you to check it out. Head on over to both of the bands myspaces, and

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