Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sit At My Right Hand - There Is More Than One Way Out review (12/12/08)

Alright, so Sit At My Right Hand is a small little project that contacted me and asked for some help and support. The man behind the project, Jonathan, is a pretty cool dude. Musically this is more grind styled (with some clean acoustic-like tracks). Not generally what i listen to, but i enjoyed most of this CD. If you are into grind i suggest you buy this, especially since its only 5 dollars on the myspace page.

On this CD, the vocals are done pretty freaking well, especially when layered, the layering sounds great. The higher pitched vocals are not as good as the deep ones in my opinion though. As for the clean vocals, i think it could really do without them, they arent the worst clean vocals in the world, but im not really a fan of them. Guitar-wise these are some pretty good riffs for a grind band, and i like to see that, it isnt just noise, unlike a lot of other grind projects. Even though they are thrown in at random times, like in Save Me From This Place, there are some keys which sound pretty good. As for the title track, there are more clean vocals here (as are in some other songs) but i kind of like this track, and i really like the harsh vocals that come in with the synths towards the end, it adds a lot of meaning to the song, and the vocals sound awesome.

The cover art for this CD is pretty interesting, even though its only a one panel insert, have to remember it was independently pressed. Like i said, it is definitely worth $5, especially for grind fans, if your not so much into grind i am not really sure if you would like this release a whole lot.

There is definitely potential to this CD, and i think this project could be a great hit in the grind scene, just needs more exposure.

ps. there are 80s vocals thrown in here and there which crack me up!

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