Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harvester of Souls - Seperation of Wheat From Chaff review (12/10/08)


Harvester of Souls is a very raw sounding black metal act, that comes from a pretty familiar face in the Christian "grind" scene. Broc Toney is a very determined man, to put all he has into his many projects and furthering the kingdom of God. As stated at first HoS is a raw black metal band, so if you are not into raw music, then you will most likely not enjoy this. I myself enjoy all forms of black metal. Overall this EP has potential to it. I do think it certainly needs work, and could have had more time being worked on, but it showcases some potential for what the future will bring. Musically, this could have had more time into it, but I will say, it is better then some in the scene. The drums are programmed, which gives some drawback, but I myself know that it can be a whole lot easier to program drums, instead of finding someone else to play them, or learning how. The vocals, done by Davis Hays, are fairly well vocals. Nice raw feeling to the vocals, although I felt on this EP, there were times when they did not really fit. Sometimes that is what is aimed for, im not entirely sure if thats what they wanted to do with this release. I certainly think you should all snag this if your into raw black metal, especially since its limited to 50 copies. Also keep an eye out for the project, ive just heard some new samples they posted, and they sound a whole lot better then what appeared on the EP.

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