Thursday, October 15, 2009

Exiting the Fall - Beyond the Experience review (8/11/09)


First off, there is so much to say about these talented young musicians. I have grown up going to camp with a handful of them, and am good friends with all of the guys in the band. This however, has not swayed my opinion on their music at all. That being said, this is honestly some of the best in the indie/hardcore genre I have heard...not even kidding.

For those of you that aren't interested in stuff that contains "emo" influence in the music, then just stop reading now. If you don't care, then please, read on, the music is entirely worth it. Vocally, there is a mix of clean "emo" vocals, and some great screams as well. The passion behind the vocals is one thing that grabs me. The lyrics are very spiritual, and written straight from the heart. The focus is all about our generation, and uniting together to see the things we can do through the power of God.

The guitar work on this CD should appeal to many, especially if this genre is your normal forte. Compared to most in the scene, its really well thought out, and executed. There are some good solos in the music. In the opening of "The Echo of Love" there is a nice bluesy introduction. I feel that this shows they can write more then just indie/hardcore music. As far as the bass goes, I think the best part is you don't have to try and JUST focus on it to hear it, it actually sticks out, and there are some nice bass lines. The drums on the EP are quite good too, nothing over the top, but the drums have a very good sound to them, and Jon manages to pull off a very steady double bass pedal. The coolest part being, he threw in a blast beat in "The Echo of Love" just for me!

Generally I am not one who enjoys breakdowns (except for at live shows...), but I honestly enjoy every single one on this EP, they all fit so well. One thing I MUST point out, is that the members age ranges from 15-18. The coolest part about this band is, they are in it for the ministry and nothing else. I was standing next to the singer at the altar years ago when God called him to have a ministry band. Now he is living it . They have a big path set before them. I really do see them going big places.

Please take some time to check out the music, you can stream all three of the tracks on the EP off of their myspace. You can also pickup the EP for 5 bucks, there are also some package deals on their webstore page. It really is worth it.

Exiting the Fall is:

John - Vocals
Kevin - Lead Guitar
Filipe - Bass
Matt - Guitar/Vocals
Jon - Drums

Reviewed by Alex

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