Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ecthirion - Apocalyptic Visions review (6/15/09)


Ecthirion has gained vast recognition in the past year. Getting picked up by Soundmass, and having some familiar session members on the first EP have helped this to happen. The music on "Apocalyptic Visions" is some of the most epic we have heard in the Christian scene. Incorporating amazing orchestrations, fantastic guitars, great clean and metal vocals.

The two familiar session members on this EP are Azahel of Frost Like Ashes, and Eugene from Far Beyond. The only flaw, that is easy to point out on this disc, is the length, at the end, the listener is left wanting more right away. As said earlier, there are some fantastic, well thought out orchestrations, awesome flute pieces, great guitar solos. All of these highlight the album completely. This is something for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Hollenthon, and other fantastic orchestrated metal bands. Every song on this release, is just another epic adventure in the listeners head, none of them are lacking.

I strongly suggest anyone who loves scores for films like Lord of the Rings, classical music, epic metal, and fans of bands listed above, to purchase this right away. You will not be let down. Ecthirion is for sure going to be a band I keep an eye out for in the future, and will be anxiously awaiting new material.

Reviewed by Alex

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