Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rehumanize - Resident Apostasy review (5/12/09)


Rehumanize is one of the bands in the Christian grind scene that we have coming up. And to be quite honest, my favorite one. I, myself, am not usually into much grind, but there are a handful of things about Rehumanize that capture my attention. The vocals, are on a whole different level then most of the other grind bands, the newer material has REAL drums, which is not typic for Christian grind bands, and the band contains two well known bands in both the Christian metal and grind scenes (Felipe Diez, and Broc Tony).

Songs on this release clock from 0:11 to 2:16, a majority of the tracks also capture your attention well, with lyrics talking about doctrines in faith, personal opinions on revivals taking place, problems in the modern church, the pornography industry, and tons of other great topics that should not go overlooked. It is not generally in my nature to enjoy songs that clock in at low times, but almost all of the short ones on here were enjoyable. The drums on this CD, as stated earlier, are real, and some very talented ones at that , delivering some awesome blast beats.

Whether you are a grind fan, or a metalhead, this is quite honestly something that is going to go down in Christian history as one of the top grind albums (or bands if we are looking towards the future). The CD was released on Open Grave Records, and is available through a handful of Christian distros online. Be sure to check it out, seeing as it is priced very fair.

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