Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blood Drift - Thrusting Plagues review (4/4/09)


This release has been pretty hard to obtain as of late, because of its limited pressing. Though, I am quit good friends with the vocalist though, and was able to obtain a copy. Musically, this is a lot more mature, then anything I have heard come out of any of the musicians involved. They have all worked on various projects throughout their teenage years, and finally came to form Blood Drift.

Although this is only a three song release, it is jam packed, with intense-ness from beginning to end. The production is not amazing, but it is still enjoyable. The two things that I enjoyed most musically on this album, are the drums and the vocals. The drums do not stand out in the music as much as they could, because of the production, but this drummer has some awesome talent. Delivering fast blast beats, ridiculous crashing cymbals and some very well executed gravity blasts. The vocals have a decent range, and there is some various layering on the CD. Some of the layering, could have been done a bit better though, but it is not the worst thing in the world. The thing I like about these vocals, is they stand out from other death metal bands, they aren't a constant deep growl, but more of an agonized scream.

My favorite song on this release is the first one, "Winds of Persecution". The opening riff is somewhat typical, but I feel it fits quite well. There is a good showcase of the vocals in this song as well. The drums have a nice variety in this song, with fast crashing cymbals and nicely done blast beats.

All in all, this demo is pretty good, being their first. I think everything would be a lot more pleasing to the ears if there was better production. I see a lot of potential in this band, and hope to see them go far.

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