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O, Majestic Winter Interview (8/11/09)

If you could start us out with introducing yourselves and telling us a little bit about O, Majestic Winter.

OMW: We are Gorlim and Mormegil. We started in October of 2008. We write, record, and mix all of our music ourselves. We're a 100% Christian band and we just want to show our love for God. Oh, and we love winter.

Now, there has been a lot of positive and negative feedback towards OMW. Right now it seems as if you are one of the most controversial bands amongst black metal. What comments do you have to say to this?

OMW: We knew starting out that we were going to turn some heads with what we were doing. Our vision has always been to write unique music that shows all sides of our creativity. We've tried to use the negative feedback as energy to press on and continue to progress in what we're doing. We accept the positive feedback and strive to continue to please fans.

What is the basic goal of OMW?

OMW: First and foremost, to praise God. We are here to praise Him and spread His word to as many people as possible. Second, to create the music that we have always wanted to hear. Our music comes from the heart and we play what we feel.

You guys put your first CD out in quite a short period of time, are you satisfied with how it came out? Are there things you wish you could go back and change about it?

OMW: Honestly, yes we are satisfied with how it came out. However, we would change some things if we could. Some of the mixing could have been done a bit better and we could have been more precise musically. Overall, though, we were definitely happy with it.

What are some of your personal influences when writing the music?

Mormegil: For me personally, God is the biggest influence. Without his wisdom and power I would be nothing. And I will honor him in what I do. There are several bands that inspire me as well. Such as Antestor, Dragonland, Crimson Moonlight and a few composers here and there's....Lord of the Rings! haha

Gorlim: I really draw inspiration from all over. Black metal such as Evroklidon, Hortor, and Coram Deo. And other things ranging from Virgin Black to Impending Doom to Extol.

Where the both of you raised in Christian homes? If not please feel free to share testimonies.

Gorlim: My mother went to church and got me into going but my father didn't go. I didn't really come to really know who Christ was until around my junior year of high school. I have been steadily discovering Him ever since...

Mormegil: My mom was really the centerpiece in my Christian teachings as a kid. She taught me the gentle things in life and how to have faith and love one another. Only a few of my siblings are it's kinda tough at times.

What are some future plans you have for OMW?

OMW: We have an EP coming out on Sullen Records in a few months (hopefully) called "An Autumn Moon". It is more of an ambient cd and is quite different from our debut album. We also have some material written for our next full-length. The material for the next full-length is a bit more folk-inspired and story-driven.

Now, OMW style incorporates all kinds of different genres, noise, black metal, and even core. What inspired you to do this? Adding in the core influence seems to have caused the most controversy, do you think overall your useage of it was done well?

OMW: We were inspired to do this by just wanting to make unique music. We had a vision for something that hadn't really been seen before and we ran with it. We absolutely think that we have used these elements well. We used core elements sparingly and we feel that they were well-placed.

What do you think of the current Christian black metal, or unblack metal scene?

OMW: We love the unblack scene! We have made some great friends and we are huge fans of most of the other unblack bands out there. We hope and pray that the scene will continue to grow and spread.

How often do you guys receive hate mail?

OMW: Rarely. We expected to receive more but luckily we have gotten very little.

What are some of your favorite bands? Christian and secular

Mormegil: As far as the Christian scene goes. I enjoy bands such as Antestor, Nephesh, Dysfunctional Rotout, Vanguard, and For Today. I also enjoy some secular music by Dragonland, Rhapsody of Fire, Dark Tranquillity, Within Temptation, My Chemical Romance and David Arkenstone.

Gorlim: Christian- Virgin Black, Evroklidon, Dysfunctional Rotout, mewithoutYou, As Cities Burn, Long Suffering, Thrice, For Today, and Sleeping Giant... Secular- Manchester Orchestra, My Chemical Romance, Soilwork, Within Temptation, James Morrison, and Kanye West...

Favorite CDs?

Mormegil: Immortal Souls- Wintereich, Dragonland - Astronomy, and Vanguard - Erek and Ivor.

Gorlim: Virgin Black - Elegant... And Dying, My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, and Evroklidon - Flame of Sodom...

What are your favorite Bible verses?

Gorlim: I've always loved Psalm 91.

Mormegil: Proverbs 16:2, Psalm 18:37

As Christians, do you feel it is necessary to spend time in the Bible daily?

Gorlim: I feel that it is fantastic if one can spend time daily in the Bible. I'm quite guilty of not doing this, however...

Mormegil: Absolutely. God's word is the only element that can sharpen your sword of truth. We all need to read more than we do...

What are some challenges you have had to face being Christians?

Mormegil: Everyday is a challenge for me as a Christian. Temptations and struggles are around every corner. We have to learn to flee from evil and choose to be obedient to the holy spirit. Just remember that the world hated Christ first, so I don't really expect to be treated any differently.

Gorlim: Honestly, just living the life of Christ is the most difficult part. He showed a love that is so difficult to live. All I want to do is live the life that He did...

You are currently on Sullen Records, which is also family to many other upcoming Christian black metal artists. What are some of your personal favorites that you share the label with?

Gorlim: My personal favorites are Erasmus, Hortor, Coram Deo, and Frost Like Ashes.

Mormegil: I enjoy Coram Deo, Hortor, Gondolin, and Poems of Shadows

Outside of OMW and other projects, what do you guys do to occupy your time?

Gorlim: Well, music is the main thing in my life. I try to create as much as I can. Other than that, I basically work and just hang out... I also write and read alot...

Mormegil: Hmm, other than writing music, I am an avid gamer (Lord of the Rings online). I love reading and writing poetry...and hanging out with my wife and Gorlim.. :)

Any last words of encouragement or prayer requests to share with the readers?

OMW: We would like to ask for your prayer for our upcoming EP. We want it to truly reach people. Thank you so much for blessing us with your encouragement. May God be with you!

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