Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sorrowstorm - Onward review (5/12/08)


This project has been very dear to me, seeing as it was the first black metal band I had ever heard. Felipe Diez helped open my eyes up to the underground Christian scene, and show me all it had to offer. Now as for the CD, it is now practically sold out on all websites, it was released on Sullen Records in 2008, limited to 250 copies. This CD is a collection of some new songs, and all of the previously released Sorrowstorm material with re-recorded parts, and revamped as a whole, making most of the songs sound like a complete new product.

The musicianship on the newer tracks on the CD is fantastic. Falling in the vein of some of the top secular preceders. Fantastic sounding drums are delivered, great guitar tracks, and very well executed vocals. There is, although a difference in the vocals of the new material, as opposed to the old. At first it took me a while to decided which I liked better, and although I still do love the old vocals, I must say these ones are done very well. The lyrics for all of Sorrowstorms songs are written amazing, each time I read them I get a vast painting in my mind. Specifically the three songs from the Funeral Oath EP.

Sorrowstorm has come out bringing a devoted fanbase, and delivering some of the most influental black metal in the Christian scene. If you are unfamiliar with the material, I suggest you check out the myspace page. If you like it, you can purchase the songs from iTunes as well. Make sure to keep an eye out for the future of Sorrowstorm, because I see big things happening.

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